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If your dentist notices that a tooth is largely decayed or seems weakened/cracked a crown may be necessary to effectively restore the tooth and ensure that there are no additional problems with the tooth. In cases like this, a filling or bonding may not be sufficient.

Crowns in our office are made of 100% porcelain; There is absolutely no metal involved. To maintain a natural look and feel, porcelain crowns are best, as they can be matched to the shade of your other teeth. This will allow it to blend in and appear just like one of your natural teeth.

The process of installing a crown takes 1.5 to 2 hours in our office. The tooth will be prepared, and a digital impression will be captured using our CEREC CAD/CAM system chair side. We will design the crown digitally, and you can see exactly how your tooth will look and function before it is even fabricated. After the crown is designed, our in office milling unit will begin to create the crown in our lab out of a porcelain ingot. It takes approximately 12-15 minutes for the milling unit to produce your crown.

After the crown is finished, it will be tried in and adjusted to fit perfectly. The crown will then be highly polished and cemented using a light curable cement. Our CEREC crowns feel as if they're the smoothest tooth in your mouth! Within two hours, you will receive a beautiful porcelain restoration that you can chew on and use the minute you walk out the door. Crowns are extremely durable, however they should be cared for as you would any of your other teeth with regular brushing and flossing.

We are extremely proud of this service and our results. Call us today if you would like to learn more about how we can help you with pour CEREC crowns!

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